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The MPL one-piece traffic cone offers you great value for money and is commonly used in private environments, such as car parks, to help direct traffic and pedestrians away from potential dangers. This traffic cone is also responsibly made from recycled materials and is itself also recyclable, making the MPL one of the most environmentally friendly traffic cones that you can buy. 

The MPL traffic cone comes in two heights. The 500mm (50cm) version weighs 3.00kg with a 30cm square cone base & the 750mm (75cm) version weighs 5.00kg with a 36cm square cone base. This means that both traffic cones are stable enough to withstand adverse weather conditions, aided by their weighted bases & shape, but it also means that they are light enough to be easily moved, stacked and stored away. Each of the cones can stack directly onto the top of the next traffic cone, meaning that when not in use these cones take up minimal storage room. 


  • The MPL traffic cone sleeve conforms to the requirements of BSEN13422 
  • Chapter 8 - Traffic Signs Manual 
  • Safety at Street Works & Road Works - A Code of Practice 
  • Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions 

Customised To your Needs
This barrier is amongst those that we can tailor to suit your requirements. Customisation includes custom company name and branding. Minimum numbers apply. Please contact our sales office on 01324 622 776 to discuss your requirements.